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1+1 = 3…Prove it!

“…. No way 1+1 can equal to 3 or is equal to 3, for that matter
I’m sorry but my mind just can’t wrap itself around that….”
Grab your fingers and let’s do this….let’s see if it makes any more sense than i have done
1 finger of yours put together with another, equals 2 fingers…..1 and 2…. 2 fingers, isn’t it?
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Isn’t this a good example of a learning environment many of us have been exposed to, for all the years we’ve lived?
Sadly so but true, right?
Where we (the many of us I’m talking about) are indoctrinated to grab answers like it’s the Gospel truth being talked about
Dare to ask a question or two and you just might find yourself on the teacher’s radar!
In worse cases, you get spanked for it and ridiculed by your classmates, for asking too many questions

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In this kind of learning environment, it’s only a matter of time before the cramming-bug gets you or at least, a piece of you.
Your working formula becomes, “cram + rewrite down = passing exams”
Over time, using this particular, it may tend to work in your favour where exams are kind of preset with your prior knowledge or intuition
Till it stops working and you’re in a system that promotes more questions asked than work re-written down…. (downloading)

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Lemme ask this….do you expect to think freely in this system?
Or, say even ask freely for help, when you need it?
Or, walk outside the box, to get results and work done?

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Which brings me back to my very interesting calculation that I started out this piece with
Look at it very critically
Tell me what you see

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Do you see a usual learner, in the framing of that calculation?
Do you see any complex language or figures used to bring out the whole equation?
Most of all, can you actually prove that 1 + 1 = 3 ?


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