These reasons are mine and mine only…. because I’ve owned up to them
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The 13 reasons why I love and live the SDG’s
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  1. They are spelt out easily for me.
  2. I see them in everything that I do from ideas, plans and budgets.
  3. They are for the living and the dead (plants and animals).
  4. They are all inter-twinned
  5. They are goals for all, the rich and poor
  6. They cut across all sectors of our lives
  7. They begin with the most necessary to the most demanding
  8. Let’s face it, they are more easier to score than their predecessors, the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s).
  9. A child + anyone else, can do wonders on these goals.
  10. The future matters to me
  11. They fulfill me, whenever I set myself out to achieve them.
  12. I’ve been able to love over again and more because of them.
  13. Also, a little pocket-change never hurt anybody, right?

What are your 13 Reasons Why?