I’ve lived at least 25 years on this planet….wow!
Grateful and I give thanks for that
Something I never took for granted I would make, at the start of the year 2018

Photo credit: manvsdebt.com

You know, with all the things that have happened this year
The loss and departure of Moze and Momo, from my ears, this year
Still hurts sooo deeply and keeps me awake at night
With the death anxiety and all

Photo credit: deathanxiety.bandcamp.com

I’m so thankful for 2018, though
It’s one year that has had me open my eyes to so much that I hadn’t seen from way back when
Its amazing the stuff you see when you look really close and deep


It’s the year that’s taught me to appreciate everything in my life, good and bad…I mean EVERYTHING
It’s the year where I’ve stamped my foot on the ground, without blinking twice, on anything that doesn’t sit well with me
It’s the year that’s taught me to love more
It’s the year that I’ve taken a breather and looked back to where I’ve come from to where I am now and guess what
I love what I’ve become
Its not perfect but hey, its something, right?
A huge work-in-progress


Reggae has become my latest friend and has been anyway, from way back
Food…..as usual….you knows that part!
Ooohhh….I locked down my hair for good this year
My blog is picking up real good
A lot has happened since the beginning of the year in 2017


Looking back to the olden days, mmeeehhhnnnnn
Those days were dark as hell
No direction of it whatsoever
But with this year in play, yyyoooo

Photo credit: Mikkel Grabowski

Everything is iiiyyyrreeeeee….
My brain is working more, each day, that’s for sure
My heart is growing wiser and fonder, too
And I love you more for that

Photo credit: alwaysontherun.net

                                                     To many more! What do you say?