Hey there,



Well be back from the World Food Day commemorations in Namulonge.

What you saw that day was an accumulation of the hard work of so many people put together and I was told that there was going to be an exhibition as well…somewhere in November.



The exhibition happened, true and truth be told, this is the first art exhibition I have seen to do with food and children.

The art exhibitions I have seen are usually of other figures of art but not food.



I was there on time that day on the 26th of November and the first thing that I noticed (besides being exhausted from the 2022 alcohol policy conference) was the very many pieces of art that were there, gathered on display in one place.



Also, there were so many children and their care-takers around.

Our partners from FAO Uganda were also present there as well as my man “Stick!



Stick and I go a long way back in 2015 when we were still at the Peer Educators’ Academy.

He had moved with his two colleagues from Willow International to tour the exhibition.

Those are new friends that I made that day.



I want you to look at the artworks in these pictures (I took all these photos that day on behalf of FAO Uganda).

Every artwork that you see there was done by a child, right from their imagination, understanding and creativity on how they understand food.

Understanding food is not limited to the crop or flesh itself; it is the whole system that enables the crop and flesh to be what we feed on.



If you want a clearer sight of these artworks, we have a virtual exhibition space on our website that you can click on and get to see all the artworks available there.

You can even buy some artworks while there.

It’s allowed!



That is it today, for an art exhibition about food!

Yours truly,