Every day, you make some sacrifices, don’t you?
If you don’t, well, I guess we shall call the lucky lamb of the day, won’t we?

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Leaving this out or aside from the rest to focus on one thing or the other or another person that might even be a stranger
It’s really fascinating….
Personally, when I draw back on some memories of mine, I get to see the number of times I’ve left something good or somebody that’s really good, hanging for something else

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How did that make me feel? Good question…
How did it make you feel sacrificing all of this?

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Do the people we make these sacrifices for, even matter that much to us, or in the moment?
Do they even get to know what we went through to put it all on the line for them?
Do they ever reciprocate the feeling and action?
I don’t know…perhaps, you have much better answers to all those questions…

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Crossing the boundaries, breaking promises, being judged and all that, in the name of sacrifices?
How I wish there was a sort of weighing scale for all the kilo-loads of sacrifices you make
I believe you would be a trillionaire and in your own league

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3 years from now, I want you to look back and say, it was all worth it
30 years from that, I want those that have lived long enough to see all this to say that it was all worth it
300 years from that, I want the whole world, to have your name in the history books of those that made it all worth it!

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Good luck.