If you are reading about “Bard of Blood” on the internet, for example, you will come across such writing about the show on Wikipedia:

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Kabir Anand is a former Indian Intelligence Wing (IIW) agent who has fallen out after an operation that resulted in his partner’s death. He is now a literature teacher who looks after his deceased friend’s wife and son.

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When four Indian intelligence officers are captured by Taliban in Quetta, the secret service director Sadiq Sheikh summons a reluctant Kabir to rescue them. He refuses at first, but when he finally decides to undertake the mission, he arrives at Sadiq’s house to find the latter dead.

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He is suspected of the murder and is interrogated by the intelligence head Arun Joshi, who later allows him to walk free.

Upon noticing a man clicking pictures during the cremation of Sadiq, Kabir chases him and instead ends up meeting with analyst Isha Khanna.

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Decoding a message left by Sadiq before his death, Kabir comes to the conclusion that this mission in Balochistan would be unsanctioned, and would involve him, Isha and another agent named Veere Singh who has been working undercover for a long time and wants to go home.

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Teaming up to complete the mission once they meet, Kabir and team face a lot of challenges on their way to Quetta while Arun learns of the unsanctioned mission and starts tracking them.”

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In my opinion, this is the most accurate description of Bard of Blood, this spy thriller!

There is a number of characters I want to introduce you to….you will want to know them by heart and name since you will be seeing them around much more often, yeah?!


Abida is potrayed to us as the partner of Tanveed Shehzaad. She makes the best weapon of an agent, on the entire show, in my opinion!

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Tanveed ….the character he plays should be a surprise to you, eeh! Or, not so much!

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Mullah Khalid, in my opinion, is the most cunning or even dangerous of all the characters on this show!

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Aftab Khalid….you must be very careful around him! His words are smooth as honey on the fingers but burn like thorns down the throat!

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Qasim Balochi is the moving time-bomb of the show…you’ll understand why I say this!

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Jannat Marri is Qasim’s older sister and is the one character I highly resonated with. I hope you do too!

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~ I can’t wait for Bard of Blood to return! ~