The one team that makes my heart feel safe, Bayern Munich Football Club

Whenever they are playing

Because I am always expecting a goal, in the very least and a win, most times!

Photo credit: Alizila


That shouldn’t mean that I love Arsenal FC or KCCA FC any less….

I love the Bavarians, that way!

Photo credit: FC Bayern


They rarely miss

You want to verify that?

Check out the trophy and medal cabinet at the Allianz Arena!

Photo credit: Sky Sports


If it is not “Trophy A”, then it is runners-up medal for that same “Trophy A”

I’m told that when it comes to the style of play, it feels a lot like samba mixed with rock steady, something that I so much agree with!

They gravitate so much around moving that ball around so quickly but keeping it as close to their feet, as much as possible!

That’s them Bayern Munich FC, on the pitch, for you!

Photo credit: Bavarian Football Works


Do you know how Bayern Munich FC came to be?

I hope it isn’t your very first time hearing of this great football club, eh!

Photo credit: Wikipedia


Working on the assumption that the club will be around for many years to come,

All I see is more goals, records set and broken and many many more trophies!

And more love, off the Allianz Arena!

Photo credit: Allianz Arena


~ Clap! Clap! Clap! ~