Be grateful, live peacefully

Look around you, eyes open peeled and frosty

What do you see?

A lot right

Or nothing at all


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When I look around

I see lots of things

My bed, at this moment, my laptop, light, colours on my computer screen, a big shadow, darkness, a couple of boxes, a basket, a stool, lots of papers and books, floor tiles, a power cable, my iPad, my Samsung phone….quite a lot in a small space, isn’t it?


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Somebody else is seeing quite much less than that

Probably someone in a limited range of space like in a box

All you can probably see are flat ends of a wall maybe, one colour probably, a tiny light from the ceiling of the room



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That’s just the stuff you can see, right

How about the stuff you can’t see or probably even touch but you need them the most for you to be able to see and or touch all this stuff you mentioned above, huh

Things like the air, emotions, feelings, thoughts, electricity

Don’t you agree that the beauty in these invisibles is the most fascinating?


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I mean, all you need is to see the light shining down on you from a small device for you to be able to know that you can now charge your phone and make a call to Mama and Granny later on in the day

Or simply exhale and inhale and you can live to see your child take their first step in life

Or maybe have that broad smile worn all over your face since something was dropped on your account for work done well

Or say, you’ve fallen in love with this person and you’re all over the moon and clouds with this feeling of euphoria

Or just somebody placing down whatever they are holding to have a minute or two of conversation with you….you know how hard it is to come by that, in the world we are in today?


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The possibilities are endless


I must tell you now….consider yourself lucky

Somebody I know, once they read this, will tell me to pinch myself

Simply because not so many out there aren’t that fortunate as you have been at that moment


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Someone out there hasn’t had a meal since morning not because they didn’t want to but because, life….

Someone had the rain pour on them all afternoon simply because they didn’t have where to get some shade from

Somebody out there hasn’t worn a decent pair of clothes or warm ones, for that matter, in ages simply because they didn’t have any

Somebody out there hasn’t been to school like you have or are simply because their parent or caretaker didn’t raise enough from their sale in the rice fields, just in time for the start of the new term

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I bet these are things and more, you never stopped for a second to think about for a minute

Not from your eyes or perspective but from their own perspective

They are exactly like life and everything you see in it

So fragile in that whatever good thing you have in your life can be gone from you in a split-second for good

Never to return

And there’s not much you can do to reverse that


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And unfortunately, that’s when most of us have our eyes open to what’s really going on in life

So sad!


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If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to be grateful for everything I have

Do away with the complaining

Do more of thanking and sharing

Communicate more wisely and empathetically

Live in peace and harmony

Love everybody and everything


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Use whatever I have for the betterment of everyone

I say, “Be grateful, live peacefully”.


What do you say?

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