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As told to me, ….. “Every human being out there has had a dream, in their life! And this trend isn’t about to stop with this generation. Sadly, not many of these dreams have been built on further and “have been laid to rest some 6 feet in the ground”.  What does this speak of?
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For the young children, they always possess these amazing ideas that they’ve turned out into life-long dreams and dwell on them to make their lives better. Back in the day, I dreamed of being able to help out people…kind of volunteerism of sorts and I convinced myself that living my life with my “big dream” in mind would guide me there!

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Shining a very bright light unto my dream was made my life’s hugest task and it helped me focus more into where I wanted to get in life. As I type out this article, I am well into my dream, at least by 15 years and more and “am not about to stop dreaming bigger” now. You come across a young girl on your way to school and she looks all “beaten” only to inquire about “what’s up” and all she’s saying is that she has this dream of becoming the world’s best beautician! You try imploring her to narrate more of her plan but it’s a dead end since her entire dream is presumably locked up under key-and-lock in her heart: never to be put to real life…parents’ orders!!!

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If I may ask, why do we always have to store our dreams under key-and-lock simply because our parents said so? Why? Why? Why?

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I mean, if dreaming was that bad, wouldn’t we all be dead? Would the world have ever had electricity or the Internet or the telephone or the automobile or the oscillator? All these great innovations we adore and mesmerized about begun out as dreams, individuals had in their lives right away from childhood! They must have been inspired by something greater than what they could have understood. With my dream in mind, I’ve been able to influence some positive change in my world and that world that belongs to all other human beings as well.

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Children all over the world have these bright dreams with them but what happens…their parents, being their pioneer role models in life, fight tooth and nail to “wake up” these children not knowing that this course of action leaves the world at a loss! Here’s the good news: NEVER STOP DREAMING, kidoz out there! No one shall ever believe in you save for you. It’s after “we” have seen your dream “come to life” that we shall pulled over to your end and school of thinking. And another thing, DREAM BIG…MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU’VE EVER IMAGINED! There’s no limit to it. All dreams are valid provided you see yourself visualing them and working on them.

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This is where parents come into play. I strongly advise that you pay keen attention to your child’s dream, right away from childhood. Begin by trick fully asking them to share their dreams with you, regardless of how silly they may sound! That’s what all children need at this point…APPROVAL, even when you don’t seem to agree. Help your child build their castle of their dream away from the foundation: not the roofing top! Fetch the bricks that your child needs to paste together to form up those strong sturdy walls of their dream! And most of all, involve you actively in the roofing of the BIG DREAM!

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You just never know…you could be nurturing a dream that gets to see HIV/AIDS come to an end in this world…or something that defies the law of gravity…or the creation of something that smears our world with endless love to all!!!

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