Christmas in November

The conventional Christmas is at the end of the year, literally….25th of every December, after the birth of Jesus Christ, correct?

In one corner of the world called Sheraton Kampala Hotel, last week, we had our initiation into the 2018 Merry Christmas

Super cool

Something I’ve never done before



How it ended up being a Christmas party from a simple cocktail, I got no clue to that


All I knew a week in advance, was that there’s a cocktail I have to attend, come next week Thursday

And so ready, I was

Teeth sharpened as ever, tummy empty as usual

Thursday came and yeah, there we were with Mummy

For the cocktail party



Lots of stairs to climb, we finally got there to the pool-section

Lots of food and people….you know, the Sheraton-way (Marriott-way)

A band playing in the foreground for us all

You couldn’t fail to notice every staffer present that day, was a Santa of them self

Donning the red tailed hat on their heads



Trays with glasses and food kept making their rounds all over the place

I stuck to my lane of juice, as usual

Stuffed myself with enough dough to make my own bakery (hihi)

Okay, it wasn’t that bad but close to it



Many familiar faces I saw

Some I had last seen in 2015

All doing something nice for themselves

And others that I see almost daily when I’m reading from the Sheraton gardens….yeah, these people be generous to me like that


Forever grateful for that


So, my best announcement (for the food, hihi) was made

And yes, my ugali-crushing enzymes popped up head-first

For the buffet

Turkey, chicken, lamb, pork, pilau

Of course, the Sheraton-way

Hehe…if you know, you know

And if you don’t, better visit your nearest Sheraton/Marriott hotel near you

You just must have their Sunday brunch…chances are so high that you won’t be let down with the service



Does it get any better than this?


Kakati, whoever was there, for the party, I presume carried their invitation card

For one reason that we hadn’t known about

There would be a raffle-draw to establish some winners of the day and season

People won…ranging from sleeping in the Presidential, an entire month’s subscription in the Sheraton fitness centre, Sunday brunch, dinner for two at the numerous restaurants of the hotel….just sad that I didn’t scoop the stay at the Presidential


I’ve always wanted to sleep in there, even if it’s just an hour

I’d probably have to break the Central Bank for those eye-changing dollars to pay

Please Sheraton, if you can hear me, make my day and let me stay in the Presidential!


Merry Christmas


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