Cramping up on my style

Do you have something that repeatedly slows down your roll or progress? That cramps up your style?

Is there somebody responsible for doing this?

Are you the one cramping up on your style?


Photo credit: theholisticingredient.com


Do you know what your style is?

Do you even know you have a style?

Wait; is this whole thing of a style a myth? Huh?


Photo credit: Action For Development


Have you ever tried to imagine yourself bigger, better than this current version of you?



Photo credit: SRHR Alliance Uganda


How about if you discover that you don’t have a style?

Will it be too much to ask of you to create your own style to things?

What will it take for you to do that?


Photo credit: brighterfocus.com


What do you think you’ll need to nail this?

Can we make that list together?

Or shall you handle it best, on your own?


Ready now?

All ground-work is done

Are ya ready to wing it?

Swag around with it, everywhere you go


That’s your style

Yours and yours only!

Be grateful for it

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