Remember 24?

That super-hit series that had somebody by the name Jack Bauer; the very famous CTU agent who always did the impossible to make everything possible?

Yeah…he is the man here, running point in the Oval Office inside the White House.

All the games, lies, truth, trickery, time with family…. Part of the price you pay once you get to be in that seat

Yeah….I had to do that….give you a picture of the kind of man we are dealing with here

Now, I want you to picture a scenario

You are a member of the cabinet of your government in your country

But you are a low-level member….not the seniors like Prime Minister or Vice President

One day, there is a gathering of all the senior leaders of the country in a given location

Given your position like we said, you aren’t there but are following closely what’s taking place

Terrorists strike this gathering and the top-brass of the leadership is killed in this incident

Right from the President to the Vice President to the Chief Justice to the Prime Minister….all the way down

And guess what, as protocol has it, you are next in line for the Presidency of the country….the freaking PRESIDENCY!!!

And yes, the mighty seat of the nation’s power is given to you

You start steering the nation your way!

Well, that’s what this great Netflix show, the Designated Survivor is all about

That’s how we got to have President Kirkman in the White House

I know and you will soon agree that it was such a huge conspiracy to get him there

For a person that didn’t want to be there, in the first place…at least, that way

No worries….along the journey, he has made some friends like Agent Hannah Wells…bad-ass, right?

Off-book and from the FBI

I am sure you remember her from Nikita and how she always came through for what was important, her way!

In the House, he’s got a much tighter and more trusted team in Emily Rhodes, Aaron Shaw, Seth Wright

Can someone please tell me why I am still talking?

Ps. Do watch season 3 with the utmost attention, I beg of you!