This is a new day!

Whatever happened yesterday ended at 11:59PM conventional time.

It was a special moment and that moment.


Tina Turner en un concierto en Colonia, Alemania, el 16 de enero de 2009. La cantante falleció a los 83 años, se informó el 24 de mayo de 2023. (AP Foto/Hermann J. Knippertz, archivo)


You have a new moment now, that has not been had before!

It is a special moment, as well.

Look it in the eyes.

Grab it by the horns and take it in.


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Do not let life pass you by as you wait for that special moment!

That is because you will most likely never recognize a special moment from all the other ones, we have around you.

Some people might even say that a special moment will never be.

Make this moment your special moment.


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So, go on and get that dress from the hanger, girl!

Get that coat and shoe from the rack, boy.

Let’s go have a party!

Let us dance till our feet can’t no more!

And paint the ground we walk on with our footsteps and sweat.


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This is a special moment.

This is the special moment, in life, we have always been waiting for!