Do you even want to be online?

Being online is most definitely different from being on social media!

Or just being “online” for a moment before “signing out” for whatever reason?!


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With how these things go, you will be spied on!

You will completely lose your privilege of privacy that you should enjoy, to an extent!

There will always be that someone “watching you” from somewhere….seeing whatever you are clicking on and typing!

So, I ask again….do you even want to be online?


The CIA says employees can be active on social media, but within its guidelines.


Whatever you get to post on the internet…be it an email or an emoji in a message

Gets to live on the internet, forever….

You may be able to “delete forever” whatever you want to delete from your social media platform or from your computer but you cannot delete something that is stored somewhere in thin air, can you now.

I ask again….are you sure you want to be here?


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Depending on where you get online

Whatever you do online has repercussions…some as serious as getting you killed or getting you serious jail-time!

In some places, the internet is “switched off”, just as a light bulb switch is turned, for as long as the person who gave that order desires!

In some other places, connecting to the internet is “rationed”!

Do you even want to be online?


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Your presence online is being used to manipulate big moments in the world today.

I am hearing financial institutions are using that to determine if you are worthy loaning to money or financial assistance of some sorts

Your outcry for help is hidden more and more from the screens of those people who actually need to see it!

Oh yes…there is an interesting one….your future employer is doing their rounds online scouring your online activity from way back, to determine how fast they should fire you!

Now, do you even want to be here?


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Before you click that, “sign up” or “send” button or take up that online course or whatever

Remember that each and every click is money that those people, on the other side, are taking

How much of that money do you get to take home with you, at the end of the day?

“Time is money”, right?


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Do you even want to be online?