Slavery and Slaves…aren’t you ready to talk about them both?

Or, will the talk be so long that you suggest we handle one item at a time?

Either way, we are talking about them both and everything “slave”!


070424 LYONS, GA – Migrant workers harvest Vidalia onions from a field in Lyons on Tuesday afternoon 4/24/07. (Ben Gray / AJC Staff)


Oohhh…while at it, we will add the term “Enslavement” to the “group chat”!

I have been told that this “group chat” is for everybody and anybody!


Photo credit: Centre for the Study of Slavery and Justice – Brown University


The topic of “Slavery and slaves” is a very sensitive one

That is filled with oppression, cruelty, suffering, humiliation, death, erasure and inhumanness!

That lasted so many years and is still existing!


Photo credit: California Preterm Birth Initiative – UCSF


Therefore, it is one topic that must be approached with caution and empathy

A topic that must be talked about from openness and accountability

Full of truth, respect, dignity, human rights and justice.


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I am going to ask some questions about this topic

For you and I to reflect upon as well as offer some candid responses.

It is from these responses that we shall be able to make amends; that is for those who put us through this suffering and a foundation for life-long healing for those that suffered and are still suffering!


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What is slavery, to you?


Who is a slave, to you?


What is enslavement, to you?


Do you think slavery still exists?


Before today, why do you think slavery existed for so long?


If you had had a chance to colonise or dominate somebody or some people, would you have colonized them or not?


Why do you think some human beings enslaved other human beings?


Remember, talking about enslavement, slaves and slavery will not magically stop it all from happening!

It will only lay a foundation for us all to do what is right; what should have been done in the first place!


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Enslavement, Slaves and Slavery everywhere must be abolished and ended!

We are the people to do it.


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– Do you have any questions that you would like to add on this draft list? –