A few days ago

I can’t remember if it was day or night

All I can vividly remember is that

I felt a “stinging” sensation on my anus

That is to say, literally and metaphorically!

Hold your laughter and squeeze in your smack of a smile just now

You might want to know why


Apparently, it got so painful

More like the pain you feel when you got a boil on you

And two days back

I realized it was worse than I imagined or thought it to be


By this time, it was very painful

Sitting in one place for a while did hurt quite a lot

And guess what…



Like blood from within the anus and all that!

I was in the toilet to let off some poop from my body

And on rubbing the toilet paper along the anus,

I looked closely at the paper and it had red droppings on it





That was it for me

I was done!

To the doctors’ table, was my next destination?

I didn’t even realize how bad it was

Till I got to the doctors’

The doctor examined me

And revealed that my pair of boxers had a tiny stain at the back


What was funny is that

She didn’t know exactly what this was or what caused it

She inquired if I had some sort of constipation

To which I said no

Since my daily diet includes some banana and leafy vegetables

All these are good for the tummy, right?

And my anus too, correct?


We concluded that it is a haemorrhage that I have


Now, I am on a concoction of meds

Like this Sediproct anal cream, antibiotics and

A warm salty bath for 7 days straight

She said that I should be fine by the end of next week

I guess we will see about that!

Has this happened to you before?

Or any of your loved ones?

How did you handle it?

Was it a haemorrhage, too?