Two months ago, we were tasked by the Food and Agricultural Organisation office in Uganda with asking young children to draw their understanding on food in an art-contest

What did they give us?

They gave us, “Food that was drawn by hand”!



Why do I call it “food”?

It was so nice to look at, in the drawings.

You could literally see beauty in the minds of these young children, when it comes to food and how they understand it.



We asked them to draw food according to these parameters;


  1. Better Life
  2. Better Environment
  3. Better Nutrition
  4. Better Production


And most of all, remember the theme being, “Leave No One Behind”.



Now, we are a small team at Faces Up Uganda but we know how to get the job done.

It was our first time on such a job.

We only had our art skills, financial facilitation, youth and determination to get it right!






Every one of us set off in their respective workstations, with a clear outline of activities expected of them.

With me being the social media lead, I was always on standby for information coming back from the field.



My colleagues went out in 26 districts of Uganda to kick-start the project.

In those districts, they visited schools, living communities and out-of-school communities.



On Sunday, we celebrated the World Food Day in Namulonge and our friends at FAO Uganda extended an invite to us.



Of course, we did carry what we are best known for; art.

However, the art we mean is that which the “leading” children have been drawing and colouring for the past two months that we asked them for their understanding of food.



Why did I call these children “leading”?

They were the ones that went through all the filters of numerous judges, who agreed that these children’s artworks were the very best of them all.

These children were grouped differently by age and physical ability.



Even the Chief-Guest of the day, the Prime Minister of Uganda, Robinah Nabbanja could not resist the urge of warmth for these works.

That is the power of food that was drawn by hand!



Very soon, we will have an art exhibition where we shall display these artworks alongside other pieces that you may not see here.

Shall there be a provision for an online viewing of this exhibition?

I am hoping so…time will tell as we make our arrangements!

For “food that was drawn by hand”!



All photos shown here belong to Faces Up Uganda.