CINEMAX has struck again

This time around….with much more vulgar scenes of action, revenge, love, betrayal, power and control, lust

In the show called Gangs Of London!!!

It is a show they are bringing to you in collaboration with Sky Studios and SISTER.

Cinemax isn’t a new name surely….for those of you who enjoy their action

Remember Jett?

You won’t be meeting a thief like Jett any time soon, I promise you!

How about the recently-put-to-bed hit Strike Back?

8 years full of action…non-stop!

Oohhhh….there is even one called Warrior that I simply can’t for!

What a show!

And for Sky Studios….aren’t they the team that brought us Hitmen recently?

These assassins didn’t go unnoticed, for me!

I don’t know much about SISTER but I bet they are equally good.

May be, I will even look into their works more and share what I find, eh.

I will be very honest… I was very hesitant to begin watching these “Gangs”

I believe it was the artwork that simply felt lazy to me

But when I made up my mind to download the series premiere and watch it, that was when I realized I had been missing out on some great stuff here!

So many people kept on talking about this show and how entertaining it is…that is when I saw it for myself.

So, the show, is basically about the consequences of unchecked power that results into struggles for everyone involved after the death of the one individual, Finn Wallace who was holding everything these gangs stood for.

His older son, Sean Wallace takes over the reigns and this is when everything begins falling apart…bit by bit.

Every chicken-stealing criminal begins taking their shot at the Wallace empire just to show that they can!

I believe Sean is going to have to make some friends like Lale all over again

Not after what happened at the airport, eh.

In that process, he will definitely lose some like Luan who is so determined, for some reason, to eliminate him from “the food-chain”.

Others like Asif will have to keep playing on all sides…more like invisible partners…stealing from here, building here and there.

I can’t wait to see what Nasif has in store for all the gangs, as the incoming Mayor!!!! It has to be the surprise of the year.

I must give it up to Finn…

He built his empire basing on some strong pillars like Ed

This is the one person who knew everything about Finn and how he run his business for the 30 years that he did run it.

Ed is the kind of person you can call “an all-rounder”. He fits just about anywhere and is so reliable to get the job done.

Of course, he also has assistance from his children

Alexander and Shannon

With running the family-business of interior-design on one end and washing the Gangs’ money in a less violent way, on the other

Elliot happens to be the one person with a golden ticket on his shoulder

He is the one person that is always in the right place, at the right time

And happens to be the person that knows what to do…

Furthermore, HE IS A COP!

Imagine what will happen if the Wallaces’ blow his cover!!!

Jacqueline is a Wallace, too

Only that she decided to take a much-cleaner path to life that distances itself away from her family name and what they are.

She is a doctor and works to save lives and not destroy them!

Consequentially, you will meet Billy as well

He is the last born of the Wallaces’ and is having the most trouble adjusting to life now, by far.

The conspiracy in here is like no other you have known, in a while

The intense violence is a result of having stopped talking with one another

Ps. Careful….you don’t want to make an enemy of Marian, would you? She can be very lethal!

Neither do you want to get on the bad side of the Danish former Special Forces‘ crew!!!

Episode 05

~ Enjoy ~