So, here we are

In 2019

Having ended 2018

I’m very optimistic about this year….


Do you remember this thing

That I shared with you some time back

On here?


About me writing my good moments, day by day

Week for week

Till the end of the year

And safely storing it all away

In my jar of happiness?



I guess your memory has been jogged well enough now

I just can’t wait to read through how it has all gone


So now, the first year of this endeavor is done

The jar is spilling over now

With so many memories of 2018


Let’s see

I have 40 weeks accounted for

So, that means we slipped 12 weeks away

Unaccounted for

This is perfectly fine!


We are only human, you know

I must thank you all

For being with me and a part of this journey

Of 9 solid months

I shall be sharing with you, in small tiny bits

The inner contents of the entire jar


Unto the next one…2019!