She’s the person we always know, has our back, regardless of anything
She worries about us, even when she needn’t

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Mummy has a way of calming you down when the storm comes down crumbling on you
You know, there are those days when you feel so scared of the future or the unknown
And all you need, is somebody to hold you and reassure you that all will be fine

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And when your fears go away or you kinda feel calmer
You feel you’ve conquered the world
And all you need to do, is to run to Mummy and break the news to her, with all the affection you’ve inside you

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Now, that’s for some people.
Many others have grown up in circumstances where they’ve been raised knowing that it’s perfectly okay to be cold towards Mummy
Or, at least, they’ve just grown cold towards each other, over time

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And so, they don’t see a need to impulsively hug and kiss Mummy
Or take her shopping to her favourite spot
Or just have a cup of hot tea with her

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So, as you reflect and draw emotion to this, how affectionate have you been with your Mummy?