I think I’ve heard this statement like oba how many times
Misusing it and over-using it has become a norm of sorts, if I might say…

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Naye, have you tried looking through it keenly?
I believe there’s something about it that makes it appeal to our souls
Don’t you agree?

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Think of it this way:
When do you wake up?
When do you leave your bed?
What do you do immediately after that?

Do you check through your diary, if you do keep one, anyway?
Do you read a newspaper?
Is the radio your close ally during the day?

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Do you ever respect your appointments?
Do you plan out, govern and work within your confines of time?
Or does time force you to work and live within it’s own confines?

How much of your day do you give off to gossip?
How much of your day do you give to your food and nurturing?
How much of your time do you allocate for physical exercises?

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Does your family ever get a second of your time?
Does bae get a second of your time?
Do you ever have a chat with the Most High?

I feel this is something we can “think about” all day and anytime of the week.
What do you think?