When I say that I saw things on Saturday,

I mean I saw so many people in two places.

One place was in Nakasero and surrounding areas.

The other place was at the zoo in Entebbe.



I saw things on Saturday that I liked

As we walked for a cause so dear to me.

We walked to raise awareness about ending stigma associated with drug (ab)use.

There were many people that feel like me, on the subject of stigma…majority of whom I had never met in person!



I saw things on Saturday.

They gave me hope to keep fighting for this thing I am involved in at work.

No one that benefits from the pain and vulnerability of those suffering will stop what they are doing to look at those that are suffering.

Only you and I can stop them or try to, at least!



In the afternoon, I went to the zoo and met another group of people.

Some of these people are familiar to me but the vast majority of them are new to me.



Now, while at the zoo, this is where I saw things!

Many of the things I saw there were new to my eyes.

I had last been to the zoo back in elementary school, with Jjjuurrriiieeee.

I liked the place….at least, the areas of it that I managed to reach at.



Wow….there is the leader in the jungle called the lion!

I saw the one that had the big head of hair on it.

It is really huge….I would have loved to watch it feed.



The white tiger and the “golden” tiger also showed up in it’s cage.

I had never seen any tiger in my life before.

It’s rather huge a cat….like the Jjaaja lion.




Have I told you about the beach?

I do not remember seeing the beach, the last time I was at the zoo.

Given all the tedious work, I had done earlier in the day and the days leading up to Saturday, it was good to be at the beach!



(Of course, cowards of big waters like me do not swim; we only place our little “feets” in water).

And that is what I did for a few minutes, at least.



That one thing that I saw, that blew my mind was the giraffe!

I had never seen one up close like that.

Its really tall and beefy.

I hope the camera I used to take these photos of it did true justice!



Next time, I will let you know about every other thing I saw on Saturday.

It was a lot but I have to write another article for now.