I heard from a little bird based at the Sustainable Development Goals desk at the United Nations that

Every job that is created makes our society better or more positive!

And more so, every job created in manufacturing creates 3 other jobs in other sectors.

Do you believe that?


As you wrap your mind around that

Our major goal on this goal is to build resilient infrastruc­ture, promote inclusive and sustainable industrializa­tion and foster innovation.


You might ask why this, of all things happening in our world today….

Economic growth, social development and climate action are heavily depen­dent on investments in infrastructure, sustainable industrial development and technological progress.

In the face of a rapidly changing global economic landscape and increas­ing inequalities, sustained growth must include indus­trialization that first of all, makes opportunities acces­sible to all people, and two, is supported by innovation and resilient infrastructure.


Now, this is the part where you ask if there is a problem that I might not be conscious about….

Basic infrastructure like roads, information and communication technologies, sanitation, electrical power and water remains scarce in many developing countries.

About 1 to 1.5 billion people, give or take, do not have access to reliable phone services. 3 billion people, give or take, worldwide lack access to basic sanitation and almost 800 million lack access to water.

In devel­oping countries, barely 30 per cent of agricultural production undergoes industrial processing.


So, why should I be concerned? It’s the government’s problem, no!

It’s about our livelihoods.

The growth of new indus­tries means improvement in the standard of living for many of us. Also, if industries pursue sustain­ability, this approach will have a positive effect on the environment.

Climate change affects all us! I am certain you agree with me on this, by now.


So, how much shall I be forced to part with if I choose to do nothing about it?

The price is steep! Very very STEEP!

Ending poverty would be more difficult, given the indus­try’s role as a core driver of the global develop­ment agenda to eradicate poverty and advance sustainable development.

Additionally, failing to improve infrastructure and promote techno­logical innovation could translate into poor health care, inadequate sanitation and limited access to education.

Is there something I can do? There has to be something….one thing at least.

Establish standards and promote regulations that ensure company proj­ects and initiatives are sustainably managed.

Collaborate with Non-Governmental Organisations and the public sector to help promote sus­tainable growth within developing countries.

Think about how indus­try impacts on your life and well-being and use social media to push for policymakers to pri­oritize the Sustainable Development Goals.