Netflix describes this show as; “The first lady of Mexico, Emilia Urquiza, a woman of conviction and ideals, must uncover the truth when she loses faith in her husband, Diego Nava.

The “truth” being talked about here….is a very controversial one…be sure to discover it, yourself!



There is a lot of conspiracies…. beginning from the most powerful House in the land!

That spills into the streets, Barrios and corners of the country!

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What I shall do, is drop names and faces, so that you guess for yourself….yeah?

Sounds good?

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Ana-Vargas West….need anyone to stir up some “trouble” in that House?

She’s your person!

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Canek Lagos…he never stops getting into trouble.

Has always been a troublesome son to his mummy, Dolores and now, is determined to make more trouble….since he has Emilia’s heart now!



Diego Nava Martinez….he is the President of the country BUT….

So many things mysteriously happen in his country and also, his death sets everything in action!

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Pete’ Vazquez….is that very huge guy that monitors everyone that is playing for the “devil”!

He will kill anyone and is “ready to die” for the cause!

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Jose Barquet starts off as the Secretary of the Interior. He’s a close friend of the First Family.

When Diego is taken out of the picture, he is sworn in as the President of the country!

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Santiago Salazar….another trouble-maker, for another day!

You could mistake him for a joker, just the military guys did!

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Emiliano Nava Urquiza…..poor child, he gets caught in the mix of this all.

Go easy on him, I suggest!

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Maria Nava Urquiza ….he is Emiliano’s sister.

She’s never afraid to shake a few tables, you know.

She’s a delight to watch on this one.

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Chela Lagos…don’t mess with her or loved ones

If you aren’t ready to mix and mingle with her.

She hates snitches…and we all know what happens to snitches!

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General Raul Mejia….he’s somewhat a “reasonable” General.

If things go his way, the country might be in the best hands, I believe!

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Ovni…his computer skills always come in handy, on this one.

Remember it’s the special forces of the government that he and his group are up against, no?

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Patricia Lieberman…I know you will need somebody human to ask those very “difficult questions” to the people you’ll see on the show…

It has to be her….it is always her asking those questions!

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Ofelia Pereda….just like Patricia,

She will be asking those questions; even when they put her life in immense danger!



Bruno Almada…now, here is one person I hated and loved, on this show!

On one side, he is with the people and on the other, he is against the people!

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Dolores Lagos….is the one person you can trust to put empathy and kindness in all she does.

It doesn’t end there….it carries on to her son, Canek and sister Chela!

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Meche…is a very popular lady from one of the numerous Barrios where this “war” is being fought!

Not a sell-out, so you better kill her and get done with it! (okay, don’t murder her)

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Agustin Aguirre…I don’t want to speculate how you will feel about Secretary Agustin!!!

To me, he’s the worst of them all, greedy ones….

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Daniela Hurtado…just like Sofia, doesn’t exactly know what she wants and needs.

For that matter, she goes with whatever goes…

Be ready for her!

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Chris Lopez…wont we all just love Chris?

I do love him in every show I find him

Including “ZeroZeroZero”!!!

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Zyan Torres…do you need a rebel?

One that won’t easily forget and be distracted?

This is “Zyan”, for you!

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Kelly Crawford…if there’s someone that has made life so hard for anybody on this show, it is Kelly!

Her plans, for one reason or another, involve everyone…whether in the near future or long future!

She’s done a fantastic job, so far!

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~ Whew! Have a blast, being “Ungovernable”! ~