Have you looked at the current birth-rate of our motherland?
Or the number of little children abandoned at dump-sites?

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The orphanages are feeling a little overwhelmed by the numbers, I guess
And the families that are taking in these families-fewer children get to ask why, later on in life

Is the sex we are having that “aimless”?
Or is it our timing, as humans, which are having the problem?

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And then, comes in our culture…that encourages us the men, to have as many children as we can, as long as we can “manage” them…(I wonder what that means exactly)

It looks as though we are turning our women’s vaginas into popcorn machines, of some sort
With a flick of a switch to the ON and OFF, they can just throw there bouncing little ones, isn’t it?
Or at least, that’s the way we think….

With over 300 unwanted pregnancies being terminated and recorded at government facilities all over the motherland, we can try to imagine how many of those other ones, out there, that never get reported in
That’s supposed to mean something’s definitely WRONG, right?

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My question again…is the vagina, a popcorn machine?