So recently,

I was at the UNFPA Uganda country-office for a very interesting meeting

And on my way out, I secured myself 5 briefs of work that the institution has managed to do or secure their efforts on

One of those 5 stood out, the most to me!

“Delivering an Integrated Package of Rights” labeled September 2018 as the time-frame of issue!!!


2 weeks after that, on a Sunday at home, I get to read it wholeheartedly

Being that I had minimal distractions than I usually have around me

I loved it


Allow me begin with sharing with you some few details from this issue, as said by the team at UNFPA… United Nations Population Fund

The benefits of integrating Sexual and Reproductive Health/HIV and Sexual Gender Based Violence…

  1. It improves access to and uptake of key HIV/Sexual and Reproductive Health and Sexual Gender Based Violence
  2. It reduces HIV -related stigma and discrimination
  3. Promotes better utilization of scarce human resources for health
  4. It supports dual protection against unintended pregnancies and Sexually Transmitted Infections including the HIV
  5. It decreases duplication of effort and competition for scarce resources
  6. It improves quality of care
  7. It promotes better understanding and protection of the rights of individuals
  8. It enhances the effectiveness of programs and their efficiency


Now, I don’t know what you have been told by Google or CNN but our population here is pretty young

I mean, at one time, over 49% of the country’s total population was under the age of 16 years and over 72% of the same population being less than 25 years of age! Let that sink for a moment there….

Back to the integrating thingee…. This is something that started in 2012 and by far, the country can say that things are not so far off the desired tangent but we are slowly getting there


Then, my eyes landed on something that struck my eyes….the 3 models of integration being used

I loved their names….kiosk model, supermarket model and the mall (referral) model

So simple, sound very much Ugandan and so easy to internalize….of course, once we get them away from the Queen’s language.

With the Kiosk model, these services are fully brought together enabling clients to receive all the attention they require in one single room. No need to send me away into the next room or the next doc, yeah!

With the Supermarket model, these services are not fully brought together, like we had them in the kiosk model. Here, we look at larger clinics or hospitals with several rooms where clients can be sent to different points of service within the same facility. A little inconveniencing but what to do???

Lastly, with the mall model comes clients being sent to other facilities to access the services they are required to seek.

UNFPA, please carry on with publishing these briefs….same style and presentation…..dope!

Keep the colours and theme, too….resembles that of the young people you are working with closely

And also, could you please find ways of adding at least 3 more photos to these briefs?