It is said that whatever goes up in the sky must come back down, at some point.

I have never disagreed with that statement.

I am here to tell you that whatever is not okay now….

It will be okay; sooner than you even know!


You are worried now, I know.

You are skeptic of the future, I know.

You can barely keep it together like you used to, I know.

But, give it time…as much as it needs.

It will be okay!

You will be back smiling in no time.


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A cousin of mine said to me in 2014 when I was at my lowest,

That “no situation lasts forever in this life”.

Those were very difficult times for me

I had never been in such a painful situation.

But hey, here we are…almost 10 years later, in a much better position than we were in then.


The good times will come and they will go.

The bad times will come and they will go, as well.

It will be okay, in the end.


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Remember, the most important moment you have in your life, is this very one.

The moments that have flown past you do not really matter anymore.

They are gone.

Those moments that are yet to come do not really matter now since they are not yet here.