CINEMAX just won’t stop surprising me, will it?

I thought when Strike Back ended, we were done here

But nnnoooo…..

There is always something new

Warrior came in early this year

And now, we have somebody new

A world-class thief in the name of Jett!!!

Have you heard of her before?

Have you worked with her before?

She must be good

I am told she works with her own crew

On her own jobs

Or those that she deems fit to be worked

Basically, all this works on her own terms

Short of that, find yourself another thief

I am also told she is good with her weapons

Guns, cars, key lock pickers, technology

And with people, too

That’s where it gets me, though

How is she able to conduct her business, hurting and cheating people while having a sense of remorse in her?

I don’t know what you know

But I am aware she has a child

A man she loves

And another woman she has under her care…from her olden days!

With that line of work

I am sure she has made some friends

Both on the outside and in the inside

By that, I mean…from her days in jail and now as a free woman

They always do come in handy

Good deals and jobs many a time come from their way

I hope she has everything under control

For the job that I am about to give her

There cannot be mistakes on this one

If any comes up, I trust you will clean it up personally

This job is a very important one

I plan on collecting back what is mine

Jett’s name has kept on coming up

As the most favourable candidate for this job

And it looks like I will be going with her on this one

Discretion, her team-work skills, observation skills

Her paradoxical lifestyle, ability to stay calm during heated moments

I dig that a lot….I hope you do, too!



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