Ever since Morgan Heritage released “Just A Number”,

I haven’t stopped for a day, to think of how we are all numbers in this world.

We are all just a number either in singularity or as a group.

We need to be asking questions why!


Photo credit: Carib Voxx


When you are born into this world (depending on given circumstances),

You will be measured and listed in terms of weight, skin colour, height etc. and assigned a “tracking number.”


Photo credit: JHU Hub – John Hopkins University


Its from there that the authorities where you are or live get to determine other things about you;

When you should start schooling, what kind of food you should be eating at a particular age, how many friends you have, which places you can visit etc.


Photo credit: UNICEF


If you are fortunate enough to be alive, wise and conscious,

You get to make something good of your earlier years in life, learning and schooling.

If that’s not the case, you may get yourself another number from your community as a criminal or a dead person.

What usually happens after that, though?


Photo credit: UNODC


For those who get into the world of “stable and consistently paying” work,

They get to be assigned word identity cards, social security numbers, bank account numbers, mobile phone numbers, motor vehicle registration numbers, residence and plot numbers etc.


Photo credit: Daily Monitor


Its from there that you get bracketed into a group that will earn a specific amount of money.

Instructions get passed down to you by somebody upstairs or downstairs and they too, get the same instructions from another person upstairs or downstairs.


Photo credit: World Bank


Should you be considered incompetent at anything you are doing,

The higher-ups get to highlight your number as a point of concern!

Many times, you will be “rewarded” with a punishment of any form from a demotion, reprimand, warning letter, jail time, fine, death, imprisonment etc.


Photo credit: NewsWeek


Should you be considered competent at anything or something you are doing,

The higher-ups will be so pleased with you that in most cases, will get to reward you something in a quantified form be it money or cars or a promotion or a house etc.


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Are you still doubting if you are just a number?