Are you simply a word or an action?

Or just a fantasy…or an image we have in our minds?

Seeing what I have seen in my life

I am always amazed and angry and sad…all at the same time

But not surprised at all



When I think or know that I have shot below the belt…I am so unkind to myself

And this gets carried on for a long time and more often than not, to other people


Every day that I am driving,

I see this with my fellow drivers

We brake our vehicles right at the bumpers of those in front of us

We don’t leave a single inch of space for pedestrians to cross the road from to the other side

Every time I go out for my lunch,

I see men and boys and girls yelling and disrespecting these ladies and gentlemen that cook this food and serve it to us

When all they have done is be kind to us all

At home,

When we are putting our points across

We are shouting at each other and belittling one another like they are dust to us

When all we are striving for is to be heard and understood!


As I walk on the streets,

The rich and privileged look down on the poor like they are some sort of plague

When what we are all striving for is equality and one love that works for us all!

For those that enjoy themselves in places of worship and devotion,

They hear this word a whole lot

In the sermons….from the preacher’s mouth….from the books and chapters…from the reasonings….from the pulpits

Wonders are worked, though, when you ask them when they were last seen being kind to themselves

It’s funny how we feel liked or loved or treasured or valued when somebody has been kind to us…even if it’s for a second

And how right we think we are when we are unkind to others…when actually; we haven’t seen them at all!


Do you actually care to know how I slept?

Do you actually care to know if I had breakfast?

Do you actually care to know why I have glassy eyes?

Do you actually care to know why I am so happy right now?


Would you want to walk in my shoes?

Would you want to learn the hard way about my pain and suffering?

Would you want to make sure that this never ever happens to me again?

Would you want to make sure that this keeps on happening to me again and again?

Don’t do it because I have asked you to

Don’t do it because somebody is watching us

Don’t do it because of honour

Do it because you know it is the right thing to do….

Be kind today….be kind tomorrow…be kind every day…be kind everytime

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