Have you ever heard of this phrase?

Did you even know that this is a phrase? At least, in some parts of the world…

I hope you know what it means or can try to guess too, at least!

Because if you do understand it, you will realize that you have most likely been “taking the much longer route to get where you need to get


I usually equate it to,

“It is not the amount of time you spend together with somebody that matters but how meaningful that time spent together has been”.


And it always makes so much sense to me


Imagine you are explaining yourself to sales personnel in a store or shop

And you just can’t seem to get your “explanation” across to them

They keep on flinching and widening their eyes and gaping wide their mouths

And you can’t seem to stop throwing your arms around as you endlessly talk

What happens next….you point at somebody else outside the shop wearing this particular “thing” that you have been labouring so much to explain.


How easy was that? Couldn’t this person just have come to your “rescue”?

So annoying, right?

You just managed to “crack open” your point

Using the fewest of “words” this time around

And you managed to be understood very well….with quite the big smile on their faces, this time around!

Tell me something….do you agree with this small “phrase” that we are talking about?

How many times have you been forced into a situation of this nature? Don’t tell me something like this hasn’t happened to you yet because you must be from Pluto!


How did that make you feel?