What if you could trade places?

With somebody who has never been in your position?

Would that be a bad thing?


What if, just what if, you met somebody today who said to you

That, “let’s trade places” for just one day?

Would you do it?


What if you could get yourself in a place of having nothing and poverty

From a place of having everything and abundance…

Could you do it?


Just imagine, one day, that water and fire said to one another…

“Let’s trade places”

Wouldn’t that be interesting to witness?


Picture this….life and death had a chat, one day

And they sort of came to an “understanding” that they should swap sides,

Would that be nice?


The possibilities that can be paired together here are so many, I admit

And that’s the other nice part about it all…being able to see everything for what it is

And looking at it’s direct opposite!

Photo credit: Oyster Pointer 


In this life, I believe we all must be able to feel another’s pain

If we are to truly live remarkable lives

Otherwise, we are simply travelers without a clue where our journey on the road leads us!


In that quick or long span of a moment, we must be able to “trade places” with another

Leaving behind all that we know and get into a world where everything works differently from what we are used to

That’s the only way we can say we truly learned about life and all the things that make up life and how our actions lead to the consequences that they lead to!


Who knows, we just might become more compassionate, more kind and more listening to the plight of others

Who knows, we could become more empathetic and less ruthless with other people

Who knows, we just might become better human beings, after all

It starts with us trying it out!



Are you up for it?

Let’s trade places….

Come here and let me go there!