Let’s have a chat on Comprehensive Sexuality Education…

We were having an argument about comprehensive sexuality education, some day with someone and they decided to write an article to it. Why don’t you read it for yourself?

“Uganda is currently facing a huge dilemma making sense out the “SEXUALITY” phenomenon, without having to tag, “SEX”, “IMMORALITY” or even just “HOMOSEXUALITY” in this talk!!!
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Do you wonder why this is happening?
And mark you; Uganda is simply one of so many other countries that are facing hard times with this sensitive subject.

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Let’s try to breakdown this term quite well, word for word
… Comprehensive simply means a holistic approach to an issue at hand.
… Sexuality simply means how individuals feel and express themselves as sexual beings.
… Education simply means an informative study into a given subject.
Therefore, Comprehensive Sexuality Education has a lot to do with providing young people with age-appropriate information, support and care which directly relates with their development and sexuality.

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We have to keep in mind that whatever has to be offered under Comprehensive Sexuality Education must be non-judgmental, realistic, scientifically accurate, reliable and most of all, culturally sensitive!

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Appreciation must be forwarded to seven broad lines of topics that, I think and believe, will demarcate this sensitive subject.
…. Relationships…
…Values, attitudes and skills…
Culture, society and human rights…
… Human development…
… Sexual behavior…
…Sexual and reproductive health…

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If you’re to look closely, all these 7 topics were bundled up quite carefully and considerately, for all young people in the world. After all, all young people face serious challenges in one of these spheres of life, correct?
Topic by topic is going to be “DISMANTLED” for a better understanding of it and how it links up with the entire subject of “CSE”.

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Relationships are very essential to any human being’s survival and daily living, right? They manifest themselves in various forms beginning with the closest ones to us: the family, friends, relatives and our romantic partners. Maintaining of these relationships can be quite tedious since they all have “unique needs” and they keep changing from time to time!!! Romantic and sexual relationships, in particular, are the most sensitive since they have a lot to do with our personal interactions with people coming from different and unique life-settings. Many individuals at this stage, face a lot of difficulty figuring out their partners and what they want, expect and compromise on for a life together, with somebody. Unfortunate incidents like unwanted pregnancies, abuse in all it’s forms, contracting of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, relationship breakdowns among others, pop up at this stage and this is where many young people have their life dreams shattered.

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My view is that, rolling out of the “CSE” age-appropriately, by the parents in the first place without having to involve the teachers at school, sets the stage for any child to form an unbreakable bond with their parent to ask, consult and joke on any ingredient on this topic like the latest “catch” one has gotten themselves…how they’re treating…how they’re able to communicate to one another, some relationship advice and tips…being there for the child during the moments of the first heart-break!!! By the time, a child gets to school, they do have a clear idea about what needs and wants and how they can get it.
Values, attitudes and skills are key as well, for any individual to function and progress in life, they must possess these roots with them. I usually have no problem with these save for the part of being “realistic and practical”.

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Culture, society and human rights are very important in this transformational change because for one to embrace CSE, they must be able to know and live their lives basing on their human rights! Once a young person feels their human rights are being violated, they look for “an easier way out of things” and trust them, they shall find one! You must ask yourself, though, have they found the “right way” out of things? If they haven’t, then, evaluate yourself and your ways.

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Human development is the most important of all these topics, to me. The answer lies in the step-by-step approach that we human beings take on, as we grow up and mature into the people we want to. I appreciate that as I was growing up till the moment now, my mother has endeavored to provide for me to her best and although, it wasn’t holistic, in the beginning, I made sense of it afterwards and am able to return the favour when the call is made. Again, human development has to be designed in a way that it tries so much to be holistic, across respective cultures and dominions.

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Sexual behavior is the deal-breaker for this talk!!! Many questions come up here from all stakeholders taking shape with how sex can ever be taught to school-going young people! I don’t blame parents that get concerned about this development because let’s face facts here…the mainstream media has “politicized” the issue without having to pay keen attention to the “juicy details” of this subject! In my opinion, we should appreciate we have the juicier details of this topic entailing along with them, the reproductive health of young people.

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Remember, a single action at one’s sexual behavior could make them or break them!
Sexual and reproductive health rounds up everything here. With it, demands timely access to accurate and dependable information to suit the ever-dynamic and unique needs of young people, today. Young people actually know “these things” as the saying goes but, how accurate and dependable are “these things” they know? Do you ever wonder why unsafe abortions just keep being on the rise? The answer is definitely HERE!!!
I would love to put my final sentence at this juncture. Long live #CSE!!!!”

Do you agree with all this?

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