It took me 4 years to get back to this joint

That is very famous for it’s extension of the finger-licking good food


So, as I was back from the Easter holidays shopping with Mummy, I chose to drive through this structure where this joint is housed and my eyes managed to spot it….still in the exact same place as I had last left it years ago

You know how crazy I get with food….I make up my mind to have my treat of the month here!

It is a thing now for me….treat and pamper myself once a month to some very good and unusual food


I drive us back to the office; make my way to the mobile money agent to pick up some cash for use throughout the holidays

And make my way down to the Garden City roundabout

For a meal that has been certified as finger-licking good since 19..(ya know)


I get to the Oasis Mall, checked thoroughly at the entry point on the south-end

Walk up to my joint of intention

Get in, climb the stairs to the loft and scout the area for a secure spot to do my dirty deed!



In my mind, I had already made my peace with the fully loaded meal box

Osbert “M” tells me it’s a nice choice

I couldn’t agree more…I have always wanted to devour it!


According to the screens where I was standing across from, they clearly displayed that my meal was made up of the Colonel Sanders Burger, cheese, a regular sized box of chips, a regular offering of the Coleslaw and a 350 milliliter bottle of Sprite

I hope I read that correctly!


Order 340 is ready to go now”…. I can swear my ears heard something like that…. (hihi)

The whole time, I was facing the queue waiting for my number to be called out

But Osbert beat me to it and invited me closer to pick it up myself without having to wait for the computer

My tummy was on fire….as always!

For you that may not know this, I always have my lunch at 1PM and 1:30PM latest

At this particular time, it is 1:55PM….you can imagine how hot my tummy was


I climb up the stairs again…to my secure spot

Guess what…..first thing I notice is that the sitting area made of the round grey immovable seats has already outgrown me and my body

I can’t fit there!


I notice some red bench where I could fit and it’s literally the only free clean one at the moment.

I make a choice to ask the lady sitting there if I can share it with her but she rejects my proposal

I manage to spot some movable brown seats and I grab one of those….it works just fine for me!

Off to eating now….you should have seen me munching away at the salad on the side and the fries, too

Am sure I left whoever was behind the security cameras wondering if I had any food in days….hihi

That was meant to cool off the pangs


The Coleslaw went first….my teeth tearing through it like nothing mattered at that moment

Next up were the fries and salad….in a record 4 minutes….yeah, I see you rolling your eyes

I was counting every second of it all

Great salad, btw

And finally, the burger… know, this kind of operation requires all hands on deck

The buns had a great taste to them as well

The chicken tasted exactly like fresh rain in hot temperatures….so good off the tongue

I gotta ask….does the recipe for it has some milk in it? Cause I kinda felt it there for a second

Wwwooooooo….2:17PM, I was through with my mission….

Total success

The meal box was now down and done!

Out of 10, I gladly give out a 9

Not so bad for a very busy time of the week and the year, right?


My check closed with a due change of 20,000 and VAT of 4,576.27 Uganda shillings, at exactly 2:30PM East Africa Time

Till next time, KFC!