Wandering Mind


What is that thing with meeting people for the first time?
People, who on many occasions, are the much more influential type?

Why does the stomach rumble up and down whenever we get to think about these people?
Why does the brain race so fast with thoughts, on the mention of this person’s or peoples’ name?

Why do you feel unsettled all over a sudden?
Why do we sometimes, begin pacing up and down?

Why do we “want” everything to go according to plan?
Why do we “hope” doesn’t fail that day?

Why are we so keen on making such a good first impression?
Why aren’t we so keen on truly being ourselves?

Why do we let strangers have so much power over us?
Why don’t we actually say out what is truly on our hearts?

What does meeting new people and things say about us?
Are we that open or closed off to meetings?

It’s said a lot of the time that it is good to go out there and meet new people
I wonder….does that ever do any good for us?

Do we get to be better human people when we meet new people?
Do we get to be worse human people when we don’t meet new people?

Is our net worth determined by how many people we have met in our life?
Is our net worth determined by how many people we have not met in our life?

What is the worst thing that can happen to us if we meet?
What is the best thing that can’t happen to us if we don’t meet?

How about we abandon the whole idea of meeting, for now?
How about we carry on with the whole idea of meeting, for now?

Well, that’s just some of the ways I feel about meeting.

Meeting right, meeting left
Does every meeting have to be a meeting, really and not a simple email?

~ How do you feel about meeting? ~

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