For a while now, I’ve paid attention to this television show

Called Mizigo Express!

It’s now that I am watching it that I regret not having paid attention to it, right from the start!

It’s that good!

Photo credit: IMDb


Set somewhere (…) in Uganda

In what is commonly referred to as “mizigo” by the Baganda

Or what can be a majorly residential rental area

Housing a number of individuals and families on a particular building lock or blocks,

Mizigo Express brings us into the daily usual common way of living and interaction between these individuals and families living there.

Photo credit: Pearl Magic – DSTV


The landlord, KK lives there

In what you can call the central-most region of the entire renting space.

And has regular interaction with most, if not all, his tenants

What you make of the interaction they have, is entirely up to you, who is watching and listening in closely! (hihihi)

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Why don’t I let you see some of the names here?

So that you get to know who is who, in the “doogo corridor” of Mizigo Express?

Click on each name at your own risk, as “KK” would say!


Kikompola, the only person I know here who starts out on a mission to cook food and 20 minutes in, he lets the food cook itself without him lighting a fire!


Kk aka Kabogozza….naye KK!!! No further comments from me!


Damalie…always has her ears and eyes on the ground. Nothing flies past her, without her knowledge!


Mulokole….the only trouble-causer I know and one I have come to trust, to fix the mess!


Bulawuni….do you want a schemer? Ensonga eno ggi kwaase Bulawuni!


Akello….to be fair, please don’t let your property be in the full control and guard of Akello! (Hihihihi…)


Anna; I’m yet to establish who Anna is, riyaale!


Kalevu…I think I’ve only seen him once on Mizigo Express. I am not so conversant with him, as of yet!


Kalevu’s fiancée….I’m yet to establish who this person is, too!


Sam Mugisha….when I see Sam, it hits me that KK is somewhere close by and these two are about to “plot” something!


Opio….aahhhaaaa….what can we say about Opio and leave out?


For a concept that is so Ugandan

It is brought out so well, humorously and as honestly as possible

In Mizigo Express!

It is a show I recommend to you, who hasn’t paid any attention to it!

Photo credit: Twitter


~ See you all in the doogo corridor! ~