HER: In our faith, holding hands with …… is so forbidden.
HIM: In our faith, holding hands with …… is so okay.
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HIM: Wwwhhhyyyyyyy can’t I hold your hand?
HER: My faith doesn’t formally accept that for reasooonnsssssssss
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HIM: May I know what those are?
HER: There’s something to do with holding hands with only those people that are legitimate family….that can be your family of origin or your beloved.

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HIM: Dddaaammmmnnnnnnn
HER: Yyyeeaaahhhhhh…. I always tell you to keep your hands away from mine but you never listen

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HIM: You’re right on that….I believe I just hear you and get to see your mouth move but never pick the message that’s put out.
HER: Ssssoooooooo

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HIM: You do know that am waaayyyyy to stubborn to stick to these rules, right?
HER: I do…. You’re crazy

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HIM: When did the world ever get to this place?
HER: Even I wonder….

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HIM: All these rules and regulations and directives and formats of living life… our fore-fathers must be shaking their heads in amazement
HER: It’s always been this way….for decades and centuries and millenniums. Perhaps, if we all had just respected culture as it is….right from the start

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HIM: Wwwaaaiiiitttttt….does that mean I can’t even hug you, right here right now, in public sight?

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HIM: Is it even legal for me to ask why? (Hihihiiiiiiiii….)
HER: Hhhhmmmm….lemme think about it….yyeeaaahhhh! It’s legal for you to ask.

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HIM: You’re crazy, you know that?
HER: Nooooo, am not.

HIM: Know what?
HER: Tell me

HIM: Can you tell me about those points in life where the Catholics may not intersect smoothly with Muslims? If there’s even any
HER: Wwwoooaaahhhhhhh….where do we even begin from?

Profiles with Christian and Islamic symbols
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HIM: Let’s start with you, as Ammy
HER: Come on…..don’t do that

HIM: Yyeeaahhhhh… I think it’s good to begin from there
HER: Are you sure about that? I hope you’re ready for what’s coming your way…

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HIM: Sure sure….
HER: Okay

HIM: Come on gurl….spill it out already! Eeeeiiiisssshhhhhhhhhhh
HER: (Runs away)…..