Right away from the start, I intended to write something about a band of young musicians from East Africa…. Sauti Sol for this particular piece

But then, something changed

It hit me that this is not what I will actually achieve


Call it a bluff….or writers’ block….or selective forgetting….

I don’t know

So, here I am.

Kinda stuck behind my laptop

And my fingers pacing down and forth on the keyboard

With my eyes dimming out to the light

And my head buzzing with this headache

Earphones playing the remix of Aje

I read about this whole writers’ block somewhere on the internet

And never imagined it could grab me like this

And then, one time, somebody teased me that I am always welcome to the club

And “One of us”!

 How laughable I thought this whole thing was, at the time


Have you been “One of us” before? Let’s share….