Saying that we are many, is an understatement
We are the true definition of very many
In our torn clothes and shoes that have holes in them
Very hungry…hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm….

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All under the care of our Mummy and Daddy
Who sacrifice everything they’ve got to see to it that we never have to go back to the life that we used to live and have
We can never thank them enough…..all the hours they invest in all that they do, to see to it that our lives are changed.
They had told us of some very generous people that would bring us our KULISSIMAASI
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We were so ready to meet these very generous people

Dressed in our very best clothing and Christmas wear, we awaited our visitors

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Hhhhhmmmmmm….. nga tulabila wwa
Auntie Sandduula and her friends
She is our friend.
We always see her talking to Daddy and Uncle and Mummy
She has a very good heart
We saw her eveni lasiti year
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We saw very many things there
Sticks of soap, sugar, a cake, matooke, rice, hens….
Hhhhhmmmmmm….. SSSOODDAAAAAA…. Yyyeeesssss!!!
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Eeeehhhhh… maama, we are so lucky

Auntie Sandduula told us that all of us would have a very good Christmas, this year.
We had lots of food.
And she also said, that there were very many generous people and some of her friends, who gave her all of these things to give to us, as our “Kulissimaasi presents”.
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We don’t even know how we would thank them.

The cake…..eeehhhhhhh
The cake was so bbbiiiiggggg….and very sweet
Daddy and Mummy decided that we share our cake with Auntie Saandduula
Ela there, you see….we cut it and ate it with her.

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SENCHU VERY MUCH, Auntie Saandduula for bringing us, our Kulissimaasi
And to your friends, we appreciate nyo nyo!

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Before we forget…. all these are Auntie Sandula’s photos…..