The only pie(s) I know are

Meat pie, chicken pie, duck pie, pork pie

So when I get to see something saying poison pie,

I get a question mark in every corner of my head

I have asked around

And this poison pie is made of guilt, greed, hatred and everything else that comes in between or in your mind

I ask myself….how bad can this pie?

How good can this pie be?

I guess it all depends on who you are asking about

The poison pie

Have you ever had a taste of it?

Do you look forward to the day you will have a taste of it?

Can you recommend it to any one in your vicinity?

The poison pie

I have had the honour of tasting this pie, a number of times in my life already

On all occasions, the very first bite of it was awful

Like the word itself

But after the second and third take at it, it didn’t taste so bad like before

I guess my tongue had found it’s way around it

The poison pie

You should have seen the face I made whenever I swallowed what I had chewed

You would think I had two canals down my spine….one for food that tasted real nice and the other for food tasted this awful

I would swallow what I had chewed from the other side

Aaahhhh…..damn you, poison pie

One time in my life that I guess you know about

I ordered for this same pie

I did the same thing as before….chew and swallow from one end

It worked….only that it took longer to digest, this time round

The poison pie

Once it had all digested up

I realized I had taken in enough nutrients to get me to the next meal healthy

I had learned how to cope better with the hunger and it’s pangs

I had mastered the art of patience and saving some for the future

I had set myself on a better path to excellence

And yeah, here we are….awaiting the next taste of the poison pie…