Uganda is in the midst of a second wave of the corona virus!

For so many people, in Uganda, they thought that the first wave was a joke…

Since perhaps so many Ugandans didn’t die as they’ve died now….

Or because the virus wasn’t as ferocious as it is now!!!

Photo credit: Nieuw Coronavirus


The President of the country, very recently, ordered us all into a 42-day lockdown….

And this particular article is dedicated to the very first week of this lockdown…


For a “preamble” (this is something Ugandans understand quite well) …

The day the lockdown was announced, we were still right in the midst of a 21-day observation period…

This period came in as a result of rising numbers in the new cases of the COVID19

And judging by what the President was told, he didn’t even wait for these days to elapse

He ordered us to enclave wherever we were…into a lockdown!


As usual, the government and its people had a whole year to do the right thing

They didn’t…as expected! (if you are used to bad governance like we in Uganda, then this is the norm!)

And of course, they carried the burden of their improper actions and carelessness unto us, in form of a lockdown!!!


I decided that this time around, I’ll take it easy with my life and

Assign myself fewer tasks to do, a day than usual

Each day oscillating between mopping or general cleaning and washing off the dust off the windows and their panes!

It’s working out great, mostly!

The things we will do because of what the Corona virus has forced us to do….


Day 1 was smooth…relatively, at least

Only that it took me some adjusting from being in a particular seat at a particular time in a particular place to now being anywhere, in a larger space called home!

I did drink more hot fluids than I usually do, that day!


Day 2 was relatively the same…

Much better with the sleep now since I re-adjusted my alarm clock to 7!!!

I slept more and begun subtracting away at the numerous hours of sleep I haven’t enjoyed, in a while!!!


Day 3 started feeling different

The numerous tasks I had assigned myself to do, had now caught up with my body

I was exhausted….physically

And hence, more sleep for me on this day!


Day 4 is when I started anticipating my first weekend of this lockdown period

I couldn’t wait to see how it would be

I guess that’s what anticipating an event does to somebody!


Day 5, Friday now as we speak….

Was very windy not like any of the past days

I could barely concentrate on what I was doing for 5 minutes before the wind came with such a show of force!


Day 6 is always a beauty to me

I love Saturdays for my extended sleeping hours

No rush….no laundry to do (maybe a little) and lots of food to enjoy!


Day 7, which is Sunday

Was my best day of this week!

That’s because of the very nice food I had to enjoy!

And the extended sleeping hours carried forward from yesterday!


~ How has your experience in the Corona virus lockdown been? ~