Don’t hesitate now
I might not be around the next minute
I could be somewhere else
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Life is that short and unpredictable, yuh know
That goes for whatever happens in life, as well
You just can’t tell what will catch my eyes, heart and ears the  next minute
Somebody just might say it out loud for the whole world to hear
And I just might like it so much that I may say I love you too
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You wouldn’t want such a broken heart at that, would you?
I’ll say this again…. Say you love me while you still can
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I beg you, don’t wait for that time when you realize that I no longer stand by my phone and window for you
Or the time when I’ve left for a foreign land
Or that time when my social circle has changed
Worst of all, when I leave this stage of a world
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Say you love me while yuh still can
With the strongest of passions that you can imagine
And sincerity ever known to mankind
It shall be fine to lose errything you gat
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And let’s see where that leads us, eeh!