What is sex work?

What kinds of sex work do you know?

Who gets to participate in sex work?

Who must never participate in sex work?

Who must ensure that those who take part in sex work are protected?


Photo credit: Global Press Journal


I ask those questions because sex work is work, just like any other….they get to pay taxes just like the rest of us.

There are numerous kinds of sex work….some require physical contact and others can be done remotely.

Ideally, only consenting adults would be in the sex work industry….but since it’s a very unlevelled field, children also take part in the sex work industry.

No body must ever take part in sex work…no one should have to work two or three jobs to make ends of their life meet!

Every one of us (it does not matter if you work for the government or not) must ensure that sex workers and those that take part in it, are protected from all kinds of predatory behaviour.


Photo credit: Worldcrunch


These questions and responses have been compiled thanks to a given sex worker, that was generous enough to share them with me!