Have you ever heard of the name Bob Lee Swagger?

Or the great stories around that name?

From his time in the US Military or elsewhere?


If you haven’t, then you surely need to do so as soon as possible

Like nnnoowwwww

Cause look….we are talking about the crème de la crème in marksmanship as far as the military goes

He was such a great fighter, defender, shooter, and sniper

That an entire TV show was literally named after him and aired on tele, altogether

That show is called Shooter

Or so, it was called

You cannot imagine how sad I felt when I learned that this show was cancelled

I felt it had immense potential and quite a lot to learn from

And quite honestly, offer quite the much-needed inspiration to anybody looking to join the military any time soon or ever!

So, Bob Lee…as he was famously called by his buddies, family and brothers

Is done with the life and missions in the military

Returns back home, living his life as quietly as he possibly can

SHOOTER — “Killing Zone” Episode 106 — Pictured: (l-r) Shantel Vansanten as Julie Swagger, Ryan Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger, Lexy Kolker as Mary Swagger — (Photo by: Jeff Daly/USA Network)

Till his friend and former team leader pays him a visit with a gig at hand that he says will require his expertise being the top-notch shooter that he has worked with

What a mistake that would prove to be for Bob Lee!

He goes to be trailed by literally everyone….including the police, the army, the Secret Service, Department Of Justice, even the President himself

Yeah….this is how important Bob Lee was to these people and their circles

Judging by what the stories say, I would say the Bob Lee I got to see, watch and love on the show isn’t any different from the one that actually gave his life for his country

Very good with his gun and guns, a family man, very composed even amidst the worst circumstances, very strategic, extremely patient, meticulous and a good brother

SHOOTER — “Pilot” — Pictured: Ryan Phillippe as Bob Lee Swagger — (Photo by: Dean Buscher/USA Network/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

For those that have served in the military, I strongly suggest you watch this show

For I believe you will connect best with it…more than those of us that haven’t made it in the uniform

And I hope it brings back the best of memories!

Thank you for your service, as a matter of fact and reminder