Somebody has to speak up!

We just let them get away with it like that?

Hell no!!!!


And neither should you!!!


Injustice for one of us is injustice for us all

Somebody has to speak up

Your silence and mine won’t happen to take away the problem at hand or save either of us!!!


That is the only way we are going to learn to do what is right

And fair

Or else, we isolate these crooks and bandits from our circles

They do wrong to us today, tomorrow and the other day

And nothing is done to them….it’s like nothing happened

Yet, we all know what has been going on!

Lest, we are part of the problem we are trying to end for good!


In the face of oppression, I have to stop being nice

And disobediently defy and disrupt whatever is happening

To get justice

Somebody has to speak up

It don’t matter who or what is in your way or who is oppressing you or offending you

Go after them and get your justice

Don’t stop speaking until you get what is rightfully yours!


I believe in you

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