As I jog every morning,

The sunrise is the one thing I love to see….even if I see it for a very short time.

The sun has a way it communicates to me with hope for the best, that day…a new day to do better than I did yesterday and as well remind me that yesterday is all gone and today is here.


The sunrise is very gentle…at least from here in Kampala!

It makes its way up as gently as possible….without making a sound but giving off that lovely golden colour as well.

It has a way of warming me up, on my face as it gently lays it’s rays on me as its coming out of it’s visibly-small “shell”.

It is the second-best time I can ever meditate, to be honest.


Photo credit: Sunrise Sunset Times Lookup


Many times as I jog, I take keen focus to look at it

With a grateful heart and smile

Knowing that the day has started off, exactly as I like it to.


The “hottest” or warmest sunrise I have been exposed to in contact with, was the one I experienced in Tanzania.

It was thorough to the point that 8AM felt like 11AM!

It was that scorching!

The sunsets were much kinder, though.


Do you like the sunrise?

Are you the kind that can spare a moment of your time to look at the sun rising?