Have you ever been so afraid of something in your life, like dying?
I mean, everybody’s afraid of something…one way or the other
But lately, I’m so afraid of dying….truth is told!
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And guess what? It started this year, 2018
Having been closely following two individuals that passed on… I didn’t know them both well enough but I can guarantee you that they were both legends, in their rights
These two legends of mine and I studied the same course at the university, literally and so, we were familiar with each other.
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One was my neighbor, back home… the other was much more popular, a musician
And I must admit this, before I continue spilling…. I love them both very dearly
So yeah….here we are!
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So, here’s it all begun
One day, I see this post online about a brawl at a pub somewhere, in the end, that rendered one lifeless and on life-support
I was optimistic, that this particular friend of mine would you know….beat it all and come back rejuvenated.
Alas…. I guess it’s true what they say that God mocks those who make plans….
He didn’t return to me, as expected.
That’s when it all came pouring down on me
How precious and priceless life is….. Rather not can be!
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I guess it’s the way this friend of mine went out….. That shook my veins out
I took life for granted and how much we need it….the living and breathing, that is
And assumed that aaaahhhh….he will be back soon
That we can do anything we want, while we are still alive and it will go away, just like that like; it never happened
Nowadays, I live otherwise….each and every step is taken with the utmost caution
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A few days passed by and I asked around, in my colleagues at work about what I was experiencing and they told me that I was experiencing what they called death anxiety!
Can you imagine that? I had never heard of it, to be honest
I read about it and all the signs and symptoms checked out…on the list and theory….
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A month later, I lost the other friend of mine, from school….
I was so heartbroken by the news
Basically, I didn’t feel my bowls that night and the next morning
It’s like it was a bad dream
Gosh, I don’t even want to remember the horrific scenes!
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Dead and Gone…that hit song from T.I made the utmost sense to me, from that time onwards
Everything that I do, has to be done with utmost caution and honesty, from then on
For every life that I come in contact with, I ought to touch it with all my love and care
Because there won’t be a time to do that, when we are gone, don’t you agree?