Now, you have used some YouTube and Twitter

And Instagram and Facebook, too


There is that thing you must have noticed by now

Where you follow quite a number of accounts or “people”

On these platforms

But the content you get to see is limited….so limited, in fact

That you wonder if the rest of these people you follow ever make use of their social media platforms!


You click on the search tool in any of these platforms

You are looking for particular information

And guess what???

The platform doesn’t show a single thing about what you want

Or it brings up very old content that you don’t really need

Or, in the worst-case scenario to me, brings up so little of what you asked for that you even regret asking!

This is where I get mad….

Is somebody sitting out there on some gigantic computer playing these games on my mind?

Is somebody deliberately keeping this information, which I am looking for, from me?

Is it just me that is not looking in the right place?

What is happening to this content that I am not consuming and yet, I asked for?

Why am I being forced to consume content that I don’t want to even know about?


Why are you even still sane about all this?

I expect you to be breaking your keyboard and the internet, right now

Looking for some answers!

~ Bring back the content I don’t consume….the one you keep away from me! ~