When we are asleep, it is total silence in that phase of your living life.

As the night grows, the silence greatly takes over!

In school, we are always told that we need to be silent as much as possible.

At home, many of us have been raised to be silent as the elders are speaking.


Photo credit: Zim-UK Students Network


I wonder, when is it safe to be silent?

When is it dangerous to be silent?


Photo credit: Luis Tato for the AFP


Sometimes, we are even sent away to other people like our relatives, to be told “certain things”, that we can’t be told outright!

I wonder why there is all this secrecy!


Photo credit: The Standard


The culture of silence is so much ingrained in every corner and corridor of society.

Many times, you even get paid handsomely in material possessions for your silence and on other occasions, you pay a very high price for speaking up!

Other times, you face serious consequences when you speak up and when you shut up!

What does a child like me do then?


Photo credit: The Fashion Law


At some point, we must speak up.

Or else, our own existence today and tomorrow gets to be moved on the chopping board!

For majority of the people on earth, the whole existence demands that they speak up for themselves or else, they are intentionally ignored and left out on the guests at the dining-table!


Ugandan riot police officers attempted to detain Masaka district Woman Member of Parliament Joan Namutaawe, as female opposition legislators participate in a protest to Ministry of Internal Affairs to deliver a petition over the brutality against them in Kampala, Uganda April 27, 2023. REUTERS/Abubaker Lubowa.


~ We all must do something about this culture of silence! ~