Hey you,


A few weeks ago, something unusual happened. I attended an art exhibition!

It was held at Latitude Hotel, right here in Kampala and this is the second edition of this art exhibition.

We (Faces Up Uganda) were among the invited exhibitors.



I did not attend the first edition of the Ebirungi Art Exhibition (as it is named).

I cannot even recall where I was or what I was doing, at that time but I was very glad to be here for this one.

And this time, I got to see for myself first-hand the children that make all this art, I share on social media on the institution’s platforms.

Plus, I had not been to Latitude before! (Oscar kept on saying to me that I will love the ambience here and he was very right!)



Now, do you remember the work we did with FAO Uganda recently for the World Food Day?

It so happens that someone from there was at this same hotel and saw our works on display there and decided to take us on for a project to be implemented throughout the country!

(Luck favours those in the right place and time, correct?)



My ears overheard that over 6,000,000 Uganda shillings was collected in the revenue basket from sales of comics, t-shirts, tote bags, small art paintings and colouring books made during the first edition till now!

How cool is that?

Whoever bought something, I thank you.

The children thank you, too!



Well, here is what the second edition of the Ebirungi Art Exhibition has for you in stock, taken in photos.

We hope to hear from you all.










Thank you again,